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The New Hope Technology Foundation assumes the entire E-Rate application burden from our clients.  We file all forms including the 470,471,486, 472 (BEAR), services substitutions, SPIN changes, and others as necessary.

We begin with helping our clients determine what their technology needs are and then make sure that we are fully utilizing the E-Rate program to meet these needs.  New Hope files the applications and answers all Program Integrity Assurance questions.  After approval, we designate reimbursement methods and file any other necessary forms. 

During this process, there are a number of specialized services we offer as part of our all inclusive fee. The first is our extensive experience with and knowledge about alternative methods for calculating discount rates.  New Hope has conducted more income surveys than anyone else in the business.  We have clients who have used CEP, financial aide forms and consortia to maximize their discount rate.  We are experts in all methods and work with all of our clients to make sure they are getting the greatest discounts possible.

New Hope also works closely with Purchasing Groups and Consortia to ensure clients are getting the lowest possible pricing on both E-Rate eligible and non-eligible goods and services.  We are the E-rate consultants for the US Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance (USETPA) and leverage that experience and pricing knowledge, as well as the use of other state and regional contracts, to assist our clients with purchasing decisions 

Finally New Hope manages audits and appeals for our clients.  There is never any additional fee for these services and we will be present for any onsite audit.  We truly support our clients through the entire application process.

  • Application Filing
  • Answer PIA Questions
  • Audits and Appeals
  • Discount Rate Maximization
  • Purchasing Advice & Management
  • Review  Eligible Services
  • Cloud Storage of Documents
  • Online Account Monitoring

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